Copy / Paste does not work as expected with vim-bidings


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Monterey 1.3.1
  • App Version: LATEST

copy (yank) and paste do not work as they do in vim, here is a video of me demonstrating it, please ignore the personal notes,

I’m not aware if this is an editor issue or a bug, but I would love if its fixed really soon, Thanks and really amazing work Takuya!

With lots of love,

Hi Rithul,

Thanks for the report.
I don’t understand what’s wrong. Can you please explain the issue in text instead of the video? How to reproduce it? What are the expected result and the actual result?
Also, please do not use “LATEST” for the app version because people don’t know the exact version you use after new versions are released.

Hey Takuya,

Thanks for getting back, and I apologise for the unclear bug report, Fixing up my mistakes now,

  • App version: 5.5.1

When I’m yanking/cutting using yy or cc in vim, It gets put into my clipboard, I’m sure you’re familiar since you’re a vim user too. But the same does not happen in and my last copied thing (usually outside the app) is pasted into the editor, which I’ve demonstrated in the video. Hope this has been clear to you

With Lots of Love,

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Got it. So, cc and S don’t yank the substituted text. Fixed that in v2.1.12!

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