Copy image from Inkdrop, paste into another app

Hello, this probably isn’t a bug and more me not knowing how Inkdrop works. I was looking for a replacement for Apple Notes and have a ton of notes that have images in them. I often copy these notes from Apple Notes into Word or In Apple Notes, I’m able to embed images into notes, and copy/paste them into other applications just fine. However I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with Inkdrop. When pasting the markdown, of course the images just show the tag. When pasting the view mode, everything seems to work (headings, list, tables, etc) with the exception of images.

I should point out the images I’m talking about all use the inkdrop:// path.


  • Platform: (macOS)
  • Platform version: (Catalina)
  • App Version: (4.6.1)


Create a new note in Inkdrop, add an image, add some text. Copy the entire note. Paste into Word/Mail, etc. The resulting document has text but all the images are blank.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay. Thank you for the question.
As you can see, image URIs start with inkdrop-file:// in preview pane because actual image data are stored in the database, not as files.
So basically you are not able to copy & paste them directly from Inkdrop to other rich text apps like Word.
Though, you can copy an individual image from context menu -> Copy Image.
I’m afraid that this is by design.

Bump this topic up.
Since the app’s exportability is important, I rethought about it and it should be supported.
Markdown is not a purpose but just a means.
I’ll find a solution for this. I guess rewriting clipboard data would work.

Landed in v5.1.0🎉
Watch the video: