[Conflicted] notes duplicate

Hi Takuya,

I read similar topics that were created before but I got that in my notes as well.

  1. When I import notes from HTML files almost all my notes were conflicted (If I am not wrong my notes been duplicated and one normal other conflicted note)

  2. The second is I created a note from my iPhone and later I edit my note from my Mac and I saw this:

Above note I edited my Mac but below(conflicted version) is the same that I created from my iPhone

it is quite confusing so I deleted quite a few my notes so I am not sure how can I fix

Thank you

Hi Erdem,

Thank you for the report.
That’s weird but I can’t reproduce it at the moment.
When you edit the same note on both mobile and desktop, it will make a [conflicted] note to avoid overwriting.
You have to wait until the sync finished before starting to edit the note on another client.
Pressing Cmd+S to save immediately would be helpful.

Thank you for fast response Takuya.

Hmm, I will check later but just let you know that editing the note on the second device I made after a day later.
If you mention that sync finished means open your second device and wait sync the note. I hope it will not too much time.

I will double check and update later.

Thanks again

Yep, please try waiting for the sync completed when you launched the app.
It might be a bug if it still happens.
If so, I need to know how to reproduce it.

Hi @anon18615476,

I just distributed a new build via TestFlight, which has a significant fix.
The problem was that it can’t finish syncing in background, like when you switched to other app.
I guess that is causing many conflicts between devices.
But I finally managed to support the background sync!
You should see your notes quickly get synced when switching to other app on your iPhone.

Thank you Takuya.
I will check that issue and update here.
Also a significant improvement sync images, that’s great :+1:

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