Commands for Changing Note Status

What I want

I want to make original key binding. Especially, I want to switch notes status by keybindings.
So what is command for switching status?

I tried

Find command lists in documentation, but not found.

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Hi hiroga-san,

Thank you for the suggestion.

In terms of implementation, I’m afraid that it is not possible to get a full list of commands because commands are bound with target DOMs.
At the moment, commands for changing note status are not available.
Those commands would be nice to have so I’ll plan to add them.

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Hi craftdog san.
Thank you for explanation. I`m looking forward InkDrop will be added the command.
Thank you for develop the best editor.

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Now v3.23.0 added commands for changing note state:

  • editor:change-note-status-none
  • editor:change-note-status-active
  • editor:change-note-status-onhold
  • editor:change-note-status-completed
  • editor:change-note-status-dropped


Thanks again for the suggestion!

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