Command Palette like VSCode feature request?

Feature request

It would be really nice to have a command palette for actions like VSCode. It’s hard to remember keyboard shortcuts for every application I use.
Having a command palette to change Header text, add tags, change status, or edit text would be great


Hi Winston,

Thank you for the suggestion.
The command palette sounds nice to have.
But I don’t know how many users would want it because as a note-taking app it is more casual than apps like VSCode. Personally, I don’t need it at the moment.
I don’t feel like adding features only small number of users use in order to keep the app simple and clean.

So let us see if how many users would think it’s necessary.

You already have great keyboard shortcuts. Making them more accessible certainly would not hurt.

Right, but there are tons of ‘nice to have’ features. I need to determine the importance of each feature request as my resource is limited. Big features should be considered carefully. It makes the app more complicated. I would like to keep the app simple and clean rather than making it feature-fat.

Makes sense.
For me, I use a lot of different applications and why I love IntelliJ/Webstorm, VSCode, Alfred so much is because of the command palette / not needing to remember keyboard shortcuts ever.
I am a new user to Inkdrop and finding my way around the keyboard shortcuts is not so easy. I wasn’t able to find a decent documentation on keyboard shortcuts and what they all do. Maybe that could be a good half step?

You can check available shortcuts quickly from Keybindings on preferences window:

Also please read the documentation about keybindings:

Hope that helps.