Clarification on FAQ: What happens if my account has been deactivated

This FAQ says I won’t be able to access my notes if my account has been deactivated for whatever reason (failed payment, etc…).

It makes sense that I won’t be able to access the server or sync any changes, but does that also mean my local notes will be completely locked out and I won’t be able to view them in the client in read-only mode? Is the only way to retrieve the local notes then will be Salvaging Data from Local Database?

The behavior seems to be different from another FAQ regarding the free trial where you can still access the notes in read-only mode.

What happens if the free trial expired without adding my payment information?

Hi taichi,

Thanks for the question.
Once your account has been deactivated, you can no longer read your notes because the paid license includes not only the data sync but also the usage of the app itself.
After the free trial expires, it doesn’t lock out the users immediately so they won’t be surprised or confused. Their accounts will be deactivated after the 4-time payment attempt window.