Change Account email address

I would like to change the email address I’ve associated with my inkdrop account. Clicking on account leads to this page which is blank:

Hi naftali,

Thank you for the report.
That’s weird. Reloading the page does not solve it?
Could you tell me the errors from the developer console?

Sure (I tried it on Firefox and changed the email)

Reloading does not help.

Below is the error I get on Chrome(Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)):

I’ve paused ublock origin for this domain and confirmed 0 blocked. I run opendns filtering with a default filtering profile. I’m running Ubuntu 16. The issue is closed for me, because I managed with Firefox.

Hope this helps:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token .
app.js:2 ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 809 failed.
at Object.o.f.j (
at Array.reduce ()
at Function.o.e (
at Ps (
at yu (
at gu (
at uu (

Good to hear that you could change the email address.
Thanks for the additional info.

I’m on Google Chrome 87.0.4280.141 on macOS and it works fine.
Maybe it is due to a browser compatibility issue.
It looks like Ubuntu 16 is kind of old and considered End of Life for some time now.
I guess the latest version of Chrome should work.