Can't set up local http server

Bug report

I want to use the integration with Alfred, but when I tried to configure my local HTTP server following this link. But when I relaunch the app, it’s said can not configure the app.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Big Sur 12.5 beta
  • App Version: Latest

How to reproduce

Simply follow the construction from the link above

I configured my config.cson file as the instruction

But it doesn’t work

Any ideas?

Hi Yiqian,

Thanks for the question.
Looks like you have a syntax error in the config file.
Can you run Inkdrop from Terminal like so?


You should be able to see the error detail.

Hi Takuya,
Thanks for the timely reply. Yes, it is caused by indentation problems. It seems that I can not use tab but need to use space instead.

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