Can't see a single notebook entry

Bug report

Android app. Loads all but one of my notebook files on the app. All of them load fine in Mac desktop app.


  • Platform: (macOS/Windows/Ubuntu/iOS/Android)
  • Platform version: (Sierra/10/16.04)
  • App Version: (3.9.0)


Loaded app on phone. Logged in with same account as Mac desktop app. Waited for sync to complete. Attempted to load notebooks. One a created just shows a blank when trying to load. Others, including Markdown Example, load and view fine…


Thank you for reporting it.
That’s weird - I’d like to clarify your problem.
Following app behaviors are that you are experiencing. Is that right?

  • Notes in a particular notebook are not shown on the Android app.
  • Notes in a particular notebook are shown correctly on the mac app.

Does the problem still exist when you restarted the android app?

Nope, restarting the app doesn’t change anything.

I’ve copied the note and still am not able to see it on the Android App in that second note.

Here is MOST (removed identifying info) most of the page:


**Questions to ask**
  - How will accounting receive data? Endpoints to support or through the database? **Adam is putting together scheduler/report** 
  - Smith only supports one credit card, but we’ll expand that flow, correct? **Yes**
  - Should Product be an argument for Credit/Refund? And if so, will they fail without the correct PRODUCT? **Yes, they will need Product/SKU.**
  - Campaigns are the selling levels of SKUS. Example:◦	Product CREDIT/8. Campaign: 1x, discount. 2x, price. 3x, price, etc.
  - How will discounts be handled? Campaigns? If so, anywhere to do an overall discount? **Yes. Default campaign will exist for each Product. Campaign can be overridden by added**
  - Do we need a separate Refund/Charge? **Yes because business flow may be different. Might even need refundCC/refundPP**
- Will it make more sense to have a Charge as an endpoint with arguments to help determine what to do OR to have ChargeStripe, ChargePayPal, etc? **Maybe instead have ChargeCC or ChargePayPal since they have different business flows**
- How will a service determine the SKU? Just have know it? For instance, purchasing Credits will always go through Credit, so when it adds a Charge call to Ecom, it will call with “CREDIT” SKU. But what about external Products? Will the Pro Website called just know it’s SKU is “PROWEB”, for example? **Yes**
- How will we support Migrating Smith data? **Migrate as we go. Until Highlights or it's data in some form is imported in, we won't be able to historical reporting**


Thanks for your help to reproduce the problem.
I successfully synced it with my Android phone (Moto G5, Android 7.0):

Please try to make another note and check if it can be synced.
If not, I’m afraid that it might be a model-dependent problem.

I’m running a Pixel 2 with 8.1.

All of my notes Sync. This one shows the title, but when I click on it, it fails to render…

Sorry but I can’t reproduce the problem, so it’s difficult to look into it.
BTW, I’m currently developing the new mobile app from scratch.
So I expect it will fix the problem.
Please try it when it’s released.

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No problem. I haven’t run into any other bugs beyond that single note not displaying on mobile. I’m loving this program for a notes taking app. Really helpful! Will continue to use as long for a long time to come.