Can't save with Web Clipper if Inkdrop starts after the webpage was loaded

Bug report

When using the Web Clipper you can not save the page if you start Inkdrop after you have opened the browser tab that you are trying to clip. It does “fix” it if you then reload the tab after starting Inkdrop, as well as work properly for any new tabs created afterwards. This also means that the Web Clipper thinks that a connection to Inkdrop is available even after it is closed.

I assume this is due to the plugin checking connection to the Inkdrop rest API whenever a new URL in a tab is loaded, if that is the case then checking whenever the Web Clipper plugin button is pressed instead would probably solve the issue.


  • Platform: Windows & Linux/Manjaro
  • Browser: Firefox 88
  • Plugin version: 0.1.0


To reproduce the connection unavailable error:

  1. Make sure Inkdrop is closed
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Go to some website
  4. Start Inkdrop
  5. Try to save the page using Web Clipper

To reproduce the bug where Web Clipper still thinks the Inkdrop server is available

  1. Do step 1-4 as above
  2. Reload the tab
  3. Close Inkdrop
  4. Try to save the page using Web Clipper
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Hi Magnus,

Thank you for the report.
You are right, the web clipper loads data like notebooks and tags when a tab opens.
I understand that it’s kind of annoying for people who don’t always run Inkdrop.
It’d be nice to load them when you clicked the Web Clipper button.

Fixed it in Web Clipper v0.1.1🎉
Please update the browser extension.

Thanks again for reporting.