Can't get mermaid graphs to work


Can’t get the mermaid plugin to work with graphs.

  • Platform: (macOS)
  • Platform version: (10.11.6)
  • App Version: (3.20.0)
  1. installed your mermaid plugin using: ipm install mermaid (no errors on cli)
  2. restarted inkdrop
  3. created a new note
  4. added the following examples from the plugin page into the new note:
 graph LR
     A --- B
     B-->C[fa:fa-ban forbidden]
    participant Alice
    participant Bob
    Alice->John: Hello John, how are you?
    loop Healthcheck
        John->John: Fight against hypochondria
    Note right of John: Rational thoughts <br/>prevail...
    John-->Alice: Great!
    John->Bob: How about you?
    Bob-->John: Jolly good!

The sequence diagram displays but the graph doesn’t.

I’m having trouble getting the backticks to display properly in this forum, but you get the idea, copy and pasted from the examples here:

Hi Simon,

Thank you for reporting.
I confirmed the problem. Seems like it stopped working from recent version for some reason.
I’ll look into it.

Found that it is a mermaid’s problem.
When I upgraded it to v8.0.0-rc.6, it worked as expected.
I guess there are some breaking changes introduced recently in its dependency packages.
Let’s wait for the mermaid v8 released.

Published mermaid@1.0.5 which uses mermaid@8.0.0-rc.8.
This should fix the problem.

Thank you for reporting!