Can't edit note on Android app

I am always using the app.
Thanks for the nice app.

Bug report

After displaying the note from the list, return to the list and tap the note again, the contents of the note will not be displayed.
If you make edits when you first open the note, the changes will not be reflected and will not sync after you task kill the app.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: Pixel3/Android10
  • App Version: (4.0.0)


  1. Open Inkdrop app, then it shows “All Notes”
  2. Tap one note.
  3. The contents of its note is displayed.
  4. Tap back key. (Either the back button on the device or the back button in the app.)
  5. Tap one note again. (It doesn’t matter if it’s different from the one you tapped first.)

Update(2020/09/04 13:50)

I’ve noticed this happens only when I open the note with the attached image.
This did not occur when opening a text-only note.

Hi Hikaru-san,

Thank you for reporting it.
That looks like the same issue reported here:

So I’m marking this as duplicate.
It’s a complicated issue though I’ll try fixing it.

Hi Takuya-san

Thank you for your reply.
As you say, the attached issue and my issue look the same.
So it’s okay to be duplicated.

I am using it from the PC version of the app without any problems, so please respond at your own pace.
I hope this issue is resolved.

Best regard.

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