Can't create a noebook

Bug report


Thanks for developing Inkdrop! I’m looking for an alternative of Evernote and this looks awesome.

I downloaded and tried the demo app on my Mac and had no problem with it.

Now I registered and installed the non-demo version of the app (version 3.17.0), which I just copied in the /Applications folder.

I am not able to create a notebook with this version.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Sierra
  • App Version: 3.17.0


If I click the “Add” button besides the “nobook” text nothing happens.

Likewise, if I follow the [📓 Create a notebook](command://core:new-book) link in the Welcome note, nothing happens either.

In the demo version those 2 were successfully creating a notebook.

Hi Svend,

Thank you for using Inkdrop!
Sorry for the trouble.
I released v3.17.1 just now which should fix the problem.
Could you try it?

Thanks for the report.

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Wow, you provided an updated version 12 minutes after my post, that is impressive :slight_smile:

Yes, I confirm this one fixes the issue.

I love your app already, it’s beautiful and geeky :slight_smile:

Thanks for the super fast reaction


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Actually I got the same report from other person :smiley:
You reported it while I’m preparing to release it.

Glad that it’s working now.
Thank you for your help!