Cannot read property 'startsWith' of undefined when pasting image


I’m seeing the following error when pasting an image:

I did an “ipm clean” to remove extraneous modules.

can you please help?

This is the error I see in the console

get_console @ <embedded>:44150
<embedded>:44150 Fri Dec 10 2021 11:39:15 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
<embedded>:44150 No note is found in _Templates notebook or any note with Template tag.
<embedded>:44150 TypeError: Cannot read property 'startsWith' of undefined
    at Object.test (/Users/sundararam/Dropbox (/Applications/
    at RemarkAnchor.render (/Users/sundararam/Dropbox (/Applications/
    at gi (/Applications/
    at fi (/Applications/
    at Rj (/Applications/
    at Qj (/Applications/
    at Kj (/Applications/
    at yj (/Applications/
    at /Applications/
    at exports.unstable_runWithPriority (/Applications/
    at cg (/Applications/
    at fg (/Applications/
    at gg (/Applications/
    at Mj (/Applications/
    at Object.notify (/Applications/
    at Subscription.notifyNestedSubs (/Applications/
    at Subscription.handleChangeWrapper (/Applications/
    at dispatch (/Applications/
    at /Applications/
    at browser-main.js:1
    at dispatch (/Applications/
    at browser-commons.js:1
get_console @ <embedded>:44150

Hi Sundar,

Thanks for the report.
Which plugins are you using?
Please let me know the output of ipm list.