Cannot insert interpunct ("·") character

Bug report

I cannot insert an interpunct character using the alt + shift + f key combination (on a MacBook with french keyboard and french keyboard layout).

I can insert it in other apps like Apple Notes or Firefox which lead me to think that this is specific to Inkdrop. I can also copy paste the character in Inkdrop.

There is nothing in the dev tools console.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Catalina 10.15
  • App Version: 4.5.2


  1. Change your macOS keyboard layout to French (I guess, not sure if this is related)
  2. Press alt + shift + f

Hi Clement,

Thank you for the question.
By default, alt + shift + f is mapped to a command editor:go-word-right, as you can see in keybindings settings in Preferences:

You have to overwrite this mapping in keymap.cson like so:

'.CodeMirror textarea':
  'alt-shift-F': 'native!'

Hope it works.

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It does. Thanks!