Cannot copy text in macOS

Bug report

I cannot copy note source.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Monterey 12.3
  • App Version: 4.2.3

How to reproduce

Select any text in a note using the mouse, then either hit Command+C or right click and Copy.
Try to paste into another application (for example Sublime Text).
Nothing is pasted.

The latest version of Inkdrop is 5.5.0 could you try using that version and try to reproduce again including other 2 problems you seem to have (you can check the version via menu → Help)

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Thanks for the report. But I can’t reproduce it in my environment.
Have you tweaked keybindings? What plugins did you install? Please try disabling them and try again.

After installing version 5.5.0 the copy command is working.

So actually it was not the latest version because it came from the App Store.

The app store one is actually iOS-oriented and not exactly designed for macOS (aka a mobile version). Since the m1 came in, you can technically use both iPad and macOS version, but the implementation is different. afaik the desktop version is made with React + Electron, but the mobile (including the iPad) use React Native. And so something might not work properly when using the wrong version. You need to go to the Inkdrop download website to get the 5.5.0 desktop version.

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Thanks @chanakan5591 for helping him!

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