Cannot copy text from Inkdrop and paste into other programs

I have tried several attempts to copy text within inkdrop and a tried to paste into several programs to paste what I copied but nothing. I am using the native dropdown copy link in the inkdrop app.

Bug report


  • Platform: macOS Apple M1 Chip
  • Platform version: BigSur 11.2.3
  • App Version: 4.2.0(95)

How to reproduce

Within a note,

  1. highlight text
  2. Right Click on text
  3. click ‘Copy’
  4. open iTerm or TextEdit, and try to paste

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for the report.
That’s weird. I tried to reproduce it but couldn’t. The ‘Copy’ context menu works fine on both the editor and preview.
Looks like you are using v4.2.0, which is too old. Please use the latest version (5.4.3).

Ok, the new download worked to correct my issue… I just downloaded last week on this new macbook air, so not sure why I didnt download the latest already.


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