Can you add "Copy as HTML" function?

Hi, I like your product very much, but sometimes I need to copy Markdown content to HTML editor, can you add a “Copy as HTML” function when I selected all the content?

Thank you!

Hi Joey,

Thank you for the suggestion.
You can copy the note as HTML by copying it in preview pane.
If you don’t mean this behavior, please explain more in detail.

Thank you for the reply, but how to copying in preview pane?

I mean when I typed something is markdown, than I can copy the HTML code of all the content, screenshot is the function (copy as HTML code) in Typora

Hi, is it possible?

Okay, so, you mean HTML code as plain text but not HTML data as rich text in clipboard.
I’ll add a feature for that in the next release.

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Yes, I mean copy HTML code as plain text.

Thank you very much!

It’s landed in v5.1.0🎉

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