Can Inkdrop show the bottom of the note I open?

Can Inkdrop show the bottom of the note I open?

I see the top of each note if I open one. I think it’s convenient if I can see the bottom of the note automatically, because I add notes on the bottom of it. Some may add note on the top, so it would be good if it’s up to users. I’m waiting for it added to preference. Thank you.
By the way, Inkdrop is absolutely the best app for my need among all markdown editors. I’m taking notes of my research every day.

Hi Dscat,

Thank you for the suggestion.
That would be solved by writing a custom script.
To move the cursor to the end of line when you opened a note:

  inkdrop.commands.add(document.body, {
    'core:open-note': ()=> {
      setTimeout(() => {
        var editor = inkdrop.getActiveEditor()
        if (editor) {
{ch: 0, line: Infinity})
      }, 10)

Please read the documentation to customize the behavior.
Hope that helps.
I’m glad you enjoy it!

Hi, Takuya

Thank you so much for the solution.
It worked perfectly.

Thanks again!

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