Can I reference an Inkdrop note inside another one?

Hi there, I’m new to Inkdrop! I’m wondering that if by any chance Inkdrop supports internal links among notes? To be more specific, I’m wondering if I can put a link as reference to a note I wrote before inside the note I’m currently working on.

On top of this (if Inkdrop does support a way to do this), can Inkdrop make sure that the link ALWAYS works even if I move the referred note to somewhere else (changing its parent notebook).

This is really important for me because I wish to build a interrelated knowledge space with a MD note taking app and I can re-organize it freely without breaking the relationships of the pages.

p.s. I deleted the template for bug report because I guess this is nothing to do with bug, but the prompt under “feature” tag says that I should post with “support” tag if I’m not sure the feature exists or not.

Hi Weixuan,

Thank for the question.
I guess you are talking about a feature like Wiki but it doesn’t support that since Markdown is not Wiki.
BTW, @Ryan_McQuen made a plugin called wiki_links that allows you to write Wiki-style links.

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Thank you so much for your reply. This plugin does help a lot though it seems that only links inside same notebook is supported, I’ll try it out!

I think the plugin just does a search based on the title, should work across notebooks. Inkdrop also offers native linking to notes, if it is based on uuid, it would work even if the note is moved.