Can code in markdown preview be wrapped?

Hi Takuya!

So, this may be a weird ask in of itself but is there any way to wrap code in markdown preview? See, I don’t use that feature for coding necessarily yet but for general notes or fighting game notes instead. I like the way my general notes look with code in preview as it’s more pleasant to read that way. My admittedly very niche issue is that it doesn’t wrap :sweat_smile:

I’ll add some screenshots for further context.


Thank you for everything you do, Takuya! I love Inkdrop :smile:

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the question.
I didn’t understand the ‘wrap code in markdown preview’. Can you elaborate on it?
Do you mean blockquote? (See the docs)
Or, do you mean admonition, callout, or something like that?
If so, check out a plugin for GFM-style admonitions:

It is planned to be supported officially in the future.

Hope it helps.

I do have the same question, how far in the future will the admonition/callout feature be added? I miss this feature which I am able to do natively on other Markdown editor apps.
So far, what’s making doubt about moving on with the paid subscription is as follows:

  1. TOC anchor links in Mobile app not working.
  2. Admonitions not rendering fine (not even on the Desktop/MacOS versions).
  3. Wiki links style or similar connected notes features.
  4. Not knowing if I will be the owner of my own notes to create a local backup of them for any potential recovery from a disaster and avoid losing years of work and knowledge documented.

By the way, icons and colors to distinguish sections would be nice in the future. Something like this:

Markdown Alerts support is currently being tested in v5.8.0 beta:

also check out other updates like wiki-style link creations

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Sweet! You convinced me to move to Inkdrop for sure. You even answered a question I had for Autolink title which I didn’t mention before. I won’t ask about resizing images as I know there might be an old post explaining it (if you have the link to it, it’d be great though)

Thanks again Takuya for your great efforts on this app!

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But, as you may think, I’d also like to support resizing images without these hacks in the future, which would be another story.
Please create a separate topic if you wish to continue discussing it.
That will greatly help me track issues by the topic titles.