Bug: Does not print out Sequence to HTML

Bug report

Publish to HTML does not render diagram.
Console says (3)index.js? [sm]:17 Rendering DIAGRAM: undefined


  • Platform: Win 8.1
  • Platform version: 8.1
  • App Version: 3.11.0


Copy and paste this sequence and export to HTML. You will get the code snippet instead of correct HTML rendering.

Title: Restaurant Booking Sequence Diagram
Note right of BP App: Let's make a Restaurant Booking...
BP App->BP Server: Restaurant booking data
Note right of BP Server: Checking data structure...
BP Server->BP Database: Store data
BP Server->Email Server (GMail): Send data to Restaurant Booking's email
BP Server-> BP App: Send 200 OK
Note right of BP App: Booked!


Thank you for reporting it.
Currently it doesn’t support exporting the extended Markdown.
It is planned to be supported in the current roadmap: https://blog.inkdrop.info/the-next-roadmap-of-inkdrop-vol-2-b40a70b5498d



Thanks for the App! Thanks for pointing out to the Roadmap.
I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that sequence is considered as an extended markdown.


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Out of all the Markdown note-taking apps developers I contacted out there, you are the most responsive one.
After my trial is over, I will not hesitate to subscribe.

Thanks for all your hard work into Inkdrop.


Glad to hear that!
I think user support should be in high priority for this kind of niche services.

Thank you for your support!

Rendering extended Markdown in exporting as HTML/PDF is supported as of v3.13.0.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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It is working!!!
Many thanks.

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