[Bug] App crash after a while probably due to syncing process

Bug report

On Mac, the process of syncing my notes with Inkdrop Sync Server never ends ( “Syncing …” is always display on the side bar) and the app crashes after some times ( typically 30 minutes).

The app doesn’t crash if I disable syncing.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: El Capitan 10.11.6
  • App Version: 3.14.2


I suspect the problem may be specifically related to some content in my notes, so I can’t say how you could reproduce it.
For me, I just have to launch the app with syncing activated and wait enough time.

Crash report

I can send the detailed crash report if it can be useful.


Hi Remi,

Thank you for the report and sorry for the trouble.

I looked into the server logs and found that it encountered an unexpected error while receiving data from the app.
It seems that the app tries to sync again and again but fails.
The failed request is kind of large (18MB).
Did you create very large note or insert large images?


yes I probably had one big picture. I deleted it, in case it coulp help.

Looks like the request timeout is occurring.
Could you try it again?
I added some debug code to investigate the problem.

I just restarted Inkdrop.


Are you in a slow network?
Heroku server interrupts the request if it takes longer than 30 seconds to complete.
The request size is 26MB, so I guess it is failing to complete within 30 seconds.

Ah, seems like heroku doesn’t cause the problem. It only interrupts requests which took over 30 seconds after receiving whole request bodies.
Please give me time to investigate.

Ok, no problem. No emergency here :slight_smile:


This problem happens when the app is sending bulk docs with POST method.
After having some investigations, I found that the server successfully received some docs in a part of the request but couldn’t receive the entire body. After a while, it timed out.
Here is an error log:

Nov 21 09:27:33 inkdrop-store-api heroku/router:  sock=client at=warning code=H27 desc="Client Request Interrupted" method=POST path="/user-<USERID>/_bulk_docs" host=db.inkdrop.info request_id=3846a243-8e2d-4b9b-8c12-bef6092f59ee fwd="x.x.x.x" dyno=web.1 connect=0ms service=10068ms status=499 bytes=0 protocol=https

“H27 - Client Request Interrupted” will be logged if the client socket was closed either in the middle of the request or before a response could be returned. (See this documentation for more info)

I’m stuck to find the actual reason for it. This problem is not occurring for other people at all.
It might depend on your network environment. Do you have any idea about that?

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the problem seems to be fixed this morning. Syncing is ok and the app doesn’t crash anymore.

My network environmnent didn’t change as far as I can guess …

Thanks for your time, I’ll let you known if the problem ever appear again.

That was a weird problem.
Yeah, please let me know if it happens again!