Broken Link; Crisis Averted

Hey All!

Pardon any misplaced effort or posts but I’m just here to point out a broken link and thought this may be closer to the dev and give someone a quick break with an easy “question”. Already found the right link but looks like the app hasn’t caught up or someone missed it:

App link: hxxps://
Where I’m pretty sure it wanted me to go: hxxps://

(links are “sanitized” so not the ‘hxxps…’ part, just the extra ‘account/’ part of the path that looks to have been simplified)

Already tweeted my heart out so this is just a heads up and hopefully spur a chuckle. Hope anyone that comes across this has an awesome day. Extra awesome, even.

(Shamelessly stole the template to stow away in my bag of tricks in case I need it one day though.)

Be easy all and thanks for reading; hope I helped.


Hi Shane,

Thanks for the report. Fixed that!

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