Blurry Font

Bug report

Font becomes fairly blurry when using the app, both on editor view and preview.


  • Platform: Windows 10
  • Platform version: 1809
  • App Version: 4.0.0

Could be a Windows 10 scaling problem. It’s just odd that this is one of the few apps that have this problem.


Not sure if it can be reproduced, but here are my settings:

Scale and Layout: 100%
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Advanced scaling settings > Fix scaling for apps > On

Yeah it should be a Windows 10 scaling problem but I have no problem on my environment with Windows 1803 :thinking:
Maybe it’s an electron issue. Possibly related:

yep! seems like it was an Electron-related issue.

Disabling NVIDIA FXAA anti-aliasing solved the problem. Seems to be a known issue with various apps.

Good to know you solved it!