Blog article English corrections

Since I’m not an English native speaker, I often make mistakes in writing English.
This topic is for reporting incorrect English phrases in my blog articles.
Feel free to report!
Any suggestion would be appreciated :slight_smile:

To Rael: Please post here!

Hi Takuya,

I wanted to point out a small mistake in the Preferences dialog, under Backup:

Should be:
Backup stores all your data to the local filesystem.

Also similar issue here:

“You can back up your all data to your local filesystem”
Should be:
You can backup all your data...

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Hi Rael,

Thanks for the report! Will fix it :smiley:

Hey Takuya,

Hope you don’t have similar experiences in the future, Here are some corrections/suggestions for your recent article:

But the thing happened.
suggestion: But then it happened.

I noticed an alert email from AWS CloudWatch which tells the high CPU utilization

which reported
which told of

was too busy than usual.

was alot busier than usual.
was much busier than usual

so that the attacker can’t create more fake accounts

couldn’t create more

most people who received the scum email

scam email

as many as they want

as many times as

Thanks Rael,

It’s fine for now. That was so tough!

“The thing happened” was a very Japanese-like expression, haha.

Looks like I have to learn more about the sequence of tenses.
Thanks again for the corrections!

Hi Takuya,
A few small corrections on this page:

This looks like a typo:

“Your Name”

And at the bottom:
If you don't decide what to build
I think
if you can’t decide what to build
is better

Thanks Rael. Fixed!

HI Takuya,
Congratulations on the release of v5. Here are a few corrections for your article: (

was so hard than I imagined
was so much harder than I imagined.

let’s get started from
started by

takes less 1,000
less than

I’m happy to introduce the following features supported
supported features

but it would be not handy
but it isn’t that handy

It’s going to be a too-long article if I listed up all
The article would be too-long if I listed them all

That’s pretty much of it
That’s pretty much it

Thanks Rael. Corrected!

Hi Takuya,

Here are some corrections for your recent article: “how-i-became-a-full-stack-developer”. Nice article, btw.

I build a whole app alone
I built

and I write
and I can write in almost any language I need

(to write a language means you developed the language itself…)

I’ve written in
or I’ve written code in…

But how to get those knowledge efficiently?
how to get that knowledge

That is to make mistakes as many as possible
That is to make as many mistakes as possible

It might be not so fun when
It might not be so much fun when

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Thanks as always, Rael! Fixed :slight_smile:

to write a language means you developed the language itself…

Oops, haha.
I’ve built a scripting language a long time ago but that’s another story lol

Hi Takuya,
I noticed a couple of things on your main page (, that I’d like to point out.

“Never miss your ideas
Whenever, even while in offline, you can read and write notes. Just open up the app, then it will be instantly ready for you to start jotting down before you forget the idea.”

my suggestion:

“Never lose your ideas
Even when you’re offline, you can still read and write notes. Just open up the app, and it will be instantly ready for you to start jotting down before you forget the idea.”

“Available on 5 platforms for just $4.16 per month (annual billing). No credit card information required.”

That does sound like a contradiction. I would say:

“Available on 5 platforms for just $4.16 per month (annual billing). Trial is completely free - no credit card information required”

“Clarify your thoughts fast, solve elegantly”

I wasn’t quite sure of the meaning and intent behind this. How does the app help you to clarify your thoughts? What problem is being solved?

Are you trying to say you can “Jot down your ideas fast” or/and “Elegant user interface helps you think clearly”. Anyway I’m just giving some feedback, no specific correction.

best regards,

Hi Rael,

Thanks for the great feedback!
I basically do a patchwork to make those phrases from other websites :slight_smile:

Ahh that sounds better.

Agree, that’s clear.
How about this? - “No credit card information required for 30-day free trial”
Because it would be obvious that the trial is free.

I mean, clarify your thoughts fast by the low-friction note-taking workflow that the app provides so that you can solve issues like fixing bugs and implementing features quickly.
I agree that it’s unclear itself.
So, it has the sub-phrase: “Get a low-friction personal note-taking workflow and accomplish more. With your notes well-organized effortlessly, you can stay focused on doing your best work.”
I tried to say that as short as possible but it resulted in a weird expression :sweat_smile:

Sounds good to me.

It is a bit of an unusual expression, but hey maybe people like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks as always. Updated the website :smiley:

A small typo in the mobile version (android). It says something like you have been offiline for too long.
It should be offline

Oops, thanks XD

Hi Takuya, not much to correct nowadays :grinning:.

Here’s something small in im-trying-to-sell-my-productive-vibes:

“you can’t ignore the recent generative AI emergencies such as ChatGPT and midjourney in the next 5 years”

emergencies should be emergences.

Although that (seems to me…) a bit of an unusual way of saying it. More common would be:
You can’t ignore the recently emerging generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT and midjourney, and where they’re headed/heading in the next 5 years.

And vague is pronounced as vay-g


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wow, Rael, it’s been a while! Hope you are doing well.
Thanks for the corrections! Fixed them.

I’m still struggling to fix my Katakana accent haha :joy: