"Billing and Invoices" is not displayed

I launched the Mac version of Inkdrop, and it displayed “Payment Failed.” I tried opening “Billing and Invoices” to check the payment status, but there was nothing displayed. I apologize for the trouble, but could you please instruct me on how to address this issue?


Hi @yusuke_shimabukuro ,

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the report.
You haven’t been paying for it, right? The last payment was on Jan 21, which failed due to a network error according to the Stripe dashboard.
It looks like your account is still active even though the payment status is not valid.
Is that correct? If so, I can deactivate your account, which makes the account status right. Then, you will be able to correctly reactivate it.

The Mac version is giving me a “Payment Failed” error, but the iOS version is working fine with no errors.
I would like to continue to use it. If you can continue to use it by the following method, please deactivate your account.

Deactivate your account and correct your account status. Then you can reactivate your account correctly.

Also, you said that payments had stopped since January, what should we do about that?

Sure, I’ve deactivated your account, so you should be able to reactivate it on the website now. Could you try again?
If the website still displays a blank screen, please let me know.

The mobile version just doesn’t display the payment issue at the moment.

I’m not sure why but the server didn’t deactivate it for some reason when your payment has failed.

Have you been using the app or were you back recently?
Anyway, this is my fault, and you don’t have to pay for the period from January to now.

He reported that the issue has been resolved.
Closing it