Better Tag Searching

Some features in tag searching would be nicer

Binded hotkey for tag searchbar

In evernote, you could press SHIFT+ALT+T to instantly go to tag searchbar. There’s no dedicated hotkey in inkdrop for this

Native tag search in searchbar

I can’t quite figure out an easy way of doing this without typing in tag:css tag:javascript etc. Some reason if i have prefixed annotated tags they don’t work as expected in search bar


searching $tag1 or #tag2 doesn’t work as expected

Normally when I search evernote, I do the following

  1. press a hotkey
  2. type my first tag
  3. do a keyword search after
  4. select note / press enter

Hi Vincent,

Sorry for the delay.

Binded hotkey for tag searchbar

Yes because Inkdrop doesn’t have tag search bar.

Native tag search in searchbar

Current syntax is inspired by GitHub search. The concept is different from Evernote. Indeed #tag syntax would be nice though, I’d prefer the obvious syntax.
Related topic:

The easiest way to filter notes with particular tag is to click a tag label on the editor pane.


I guess the problem is that I rarely use tags to filter notes. I use it just for annotating sub topics with a few tags like severity. So I didn’t make the app to work that way as you wrote.
This would be a discussion:

I guess you have a lot of tags. And tag searching would be nice for those who have many tags.
However, unlike Evernote, I would encourage you to reduce number of tags to manage.
I do have a lot of tags in Evernote but most of them have only 1 or 2 note(s). And I rarely use them.
It makes sense Evernote supports tag searching because you can store notes about various topics to it, from travel plan to business idea.
On the other hand, Inkdrop is specifically designed for taking notes regarding programming things.
Of course it depends on what kind of work you do, how many projects you have, and a personal preference.
But yet I would think if you have many tags that require searching to find, you have to clean them up.
And if you have a lot of notes that require filtering with tags, I recommend you to make sub-notebooks.

Since tags are very abstract, you can use it in various way.
Inkdrop would encourage rather managing fewer tags than doing a tag-intensive management.
It has to be opinionated in order to keep the app clean and simple.

I wonder how do you deal with external files like README.mds for your projects? How do you keep them in sync? is a documentation. I use vim to write it because you can sync through a git repository.
Basically I don’t use Inkdrop to write documentations. Only notes.

Okay, thanks for the clarification!