[Beta v5 Andorid] Can't save specific notes

I’m an Android app user so I’m really enjoying Beta v5!
Especially I love these 2 changes.

  • No freeze opening huge notes
  • Remember last editing note state

I’ll report several behaviors found in the beta app which might be bugs.

Bug report

Can’t save specific notes. I uploaded 2 files to Gist.


  • Platform: Android (Pixel 5a)
  • Platform version: 11
  • App Version: v5.0.0 (9)

How to reproduce

  1. Open the masked.md in Inkdrop
  2. Write some words in first line
  3. Back to note list
    • in my case: text color of 17 hours changes to white, and then turns into blue (text still 17 hours, not Just now)


  1. Open the note again
    • Words remain
  2. Back to note list
  3. Reopen Inkdrop app and open the note again
    • Words disappear

Hi Kinezi,

Thanks for testing the beta version!
Yes, you got a lot of performance improvements on Android :smile:
Happy you enjoy it and thanks for keeping tracking the updates!

Okay, got it to reproduce, even on iOS as well.
Will look into it!

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It should be fixed in build 11. Can you please try it?

It works! Thanks!

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