[beta 5.0.0 (29)] moving to new line improperly handles removal of list item

Bug report

When using lists, both numbered and bullets, and using the enter key (multiple times) to insert new lines and move below the list the app improperly inserts a new list item two lines below.

video link because the embed refuse to work


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: 12
  • App Version: 5.0.0 (29)

How to reproduce

  1. Just watch the video linked above
  2. Create a list containing at least one item
  3. Press enter multiple times

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the report.
I’ve asked the exact same question to the CodeMirror author Marijn, and he said that’s the intended behavior:

That is intentional, not a bug. (Markdown lists with blank lines between the items are a common thing, and produce different markup than tightly packed lists.)
[lang-markdown] Continuelist works incorrectly · Issue #555 · codemirror/dev · GitHub