[Beta 5.0.0 (14)] Right Scrollbar shifted to left

Bug report

Right scrollbar switched to appear on the left after


  • Platform: iOS
  • Platform version: 16.2
  • App Version: 5.0.0(14)

How to reproduce

  • Choose all notes and check a scrollbar appearing on the right.
  • Click hamburger to see panel, don’t close it.
  • Swipe up and choose another running app to open
  • Swipe up again to open the inkdrop
  • Click right pane to see all notes again
  • Scroll the notes. Your scrollbar shifts from right to left.

Hi Bundit,

Thanks for the report! I found a workaround that is to add the following prop to the list view:

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Should be fixed in build 16. Thanks again for the report

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