Backtick removes word and then inserted; Selecting first lines scroll the page up

I know I’m not even a premium user of your app to suggest anything, but… if you could at least think about the suggestion of a user of the demo version :pleading_face: of your app:

  1. I often use to mark some keywords, especially those that refer to some special “context” like variables or functions like this: Game, Peanut(), sayMeow(), the problem is that when I select a word and press the backtick button, the word is removed and only the backtick is inserted. To solve this, I cut the word, insert the backtick and paste the word inside. It would be nice if when I select a word and press the button, the word was not removed.

  2. My monitor is kind of small, so it’s a bit complicated to use the “side by side” view. Would it be possible to have a markdown view, but editable? Or does this already exist?

  3. A problem that I have from time to time is when selecting lines that are close to the top edge of the screen, when I select these lines and drag the cursor slightly upwards, the page scrolls abruptly.
    scroll bug

Hi Liarley,

Thanks for the suggestions and reports.

  1. Backtick for toggling inline codeblocks - This feature will be supported when migrating to CM6 in the future. The mobile version already supports it.
  2. WSYIWYG will never be supported as it’s a plain-text Markdown note-taking app by concept.
  3. You can set Cursor Scroll Margin setting to 1 to solve it:
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