Automated, local backups

I would like to use Inkdrop without syncing to Inkdrop’s servers. However, that brings up the question of automated backups. Are there any plans to enable scheduled, local backups? Or, is there an API available for triggering backups that could be invoked via a plugin? (I looked at the API documentation, but didn’t see anything like that.)

Ultimately, I would like to somehow configure Inkdrop to automatically create a new backup once per day. I’m open to other suggestions for how to accomplish this.



Thank you for the suggestion.
Inkdrop already supports automatic backups:
Once you configured your backup path, the app will continuously update the backup.

You can rotate(copy) your backup directory by using daily scripts like cron.

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Wow! I (obviously) didn’t realize that. Fantastic!

Edit: I just re-read the documentation. Completely missed this critical sentence: “Inkdrop stores them as JSON files continuously while you use it.”

I have to say, so far, I am truly impressed with this application. :slight_smile:

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