~/.atom/packages text found in ipm link help page

Bug report

PS. I don’t know if this would actually be considered a bug but I will use the bug report template just in case


  • Platform: Arch Linux (Installed via a zip file)
  • Platform version: (there is not really a version in rolling release distro)
  • App Version: 5.5.0

How to reproduce

  1. run ipm link -h to show help pages
  2. you will find ~/.atom/packages in Create a symlink for the package in ~/.atom/packages. The package in the current working directory is linked if no path is given.

Actually it seems like a couple of help pages still have ~/.atom/ path.

I didn’t list some command that seem to be an alias to other one, cos it seems to use the same help page.

it seems like ipm is on github so I made a pull request here: refactor(all): renaming atom references to Inkdrop one

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Thanks! Yeah, ipm is a fork of apm haha. I’ll check out the PR :slight_smile:

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