Assigning a new maintainer for a plugin

Hi @craftzdog
I’m currently in contact with a plugin developer who no longer uses Inkdrop and therefore can’t update his plugin.
I would take over the maintenance for this plugin in the future. This has been discussed with the plugin author.

However, there is currently the question of how best to transfer the plugin.
We had hoped that you could transfer the plugin to me respectively my fork.
Is this possible or is there another process for this?

It’s about this plugin: rulers - Inkdrop Plugins
Communication with the plugin author: fix console warning by Keisir · Pull Request #2 · mravenel/inkdrop-rulers · GitHub

Hi Lukas,

Sure! Plugins have an owner attribute on the plugin database and I can migrate the rulers’ one to you.
After that, you can update it from your repo.

Instead of forking, can you ask him to transfer the repo ownership to you?
Let me know when your repo is ready.

Thanks again for contributing to the project :heart:

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The repository is now transfered to my github account.

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Got it! I’ve migrated the ownership to you. Can you check it?

Looks good thanks.
I will try to plublish an update tonight.

Edit: I have now released an update and it worked without any problems

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Thank you, Lukas!! :partying_face: