App Keep Crashing After Any Plugin Update

Bug report

The app crashes after any plugin update. It only happens when I update a plugin but not when installing/uninstalling a plugin. I has happened on both my Windows and Mac machines. I am using the M1 Apple chip with Ventura OS v13.0.1 and Windows 11.


  • Platform: macOS/Windows
  • Platform version: Ventura v13.0.1/Windows 11
  • App Version: 5.5.2

How to reproduce

Update an installed plugin. This has happened to me while updating the following plugins:

  • spell-checker
  • vim
  • table-editor
  • toc
  • mermaid

These are the ones that I remember at the moment.

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the report.
I’ve installed those 5 plugins but the issue didn’t happen.
Can you please try reinstalling them?
You can manually remove them from the plugin folder:

Ahh, you mean updating plugins.
I installed spell-checker@2.2.0, then updated it to 2.3.0, but the app didn’t crash either.

The occurrence is really random. The only common factor is when updating a plugin. Lately, no crashes had happened. If it happens again, I will update this post with more information.

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