App is lagging on Galaxy Note8

Bug report


  • Platform: Android 9
  • Platform version: Android 9
  • Device: Galaxy Note8
  • App Version:

How to reproduce

I created a relatively long note but since few days when i try to edit this note on my Android smartphone, the app is lagging when trying to write tapping on the phone keyboard. But this only occurred on this note so i am confused and wonder if the problem is coming or not from my device.

Edited: I corrected a typo and i just notice that the keyboard does not show sometimes and the back (delete char) is bugging or lagging, i don’t know how to describe this.

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for the report.
So, the issue only happens on a relatively long note? Can you please tell me how long it is?
The current Markdown editor is not performant due to its design, but I’m working on building a native editor for mobile now. The new editor is expected to solve those performance issues.