App has been syncing for a long time after multiple edits, many image attachments


I’m rebuilding my notes using the markdown importer at the moment - after this is complete I will see if the process happens again.

Originally I was copy-pasting from another web-based notes app, I wonder if some unexpected characters or tags were introduced that caused a problem?

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Thanks and sorry for the trouble!
I guess so but I haven’t ever encountered such problem.
The connection hangs up if it took over 10 minutes.
I need to know why a particular note causes timeout…
I guess it is just taking too long time to encrypt because there is no exceptions thrown.

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Now you have 51 notes and the sync looks working fine.


I seem to have just triggered it again while re-creating notes? I was adding the images back into a markdown import and now the syncing is taking longer.

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Yep, the error occurred again!

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Do you get any errors in console?

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You inserted the image with id file:GVJYgUGf but the app says not found? That’s strange…
I added some debug logs on the server to investigate.
Could you try it again?

(Takuya Matsuyama) #28

I’m afraid that I couldn’t get any additional information from the server.
Would you mind sending me a suspected image file via email?


Sorry, the forum blocked me from posting too frequently again and I had to wait until today. I have the app running again now - it is still trying to sync without success, no errors in the console.

I could zip together a collection of suspect images, I wasn’t able to isolate it to just one - after removing all of the notes in the notebook where the issue started, the sync still seems to be stuck even though they are gone (a cache corruption or similar?).

Unfortunately I cannot test this any further for now - my plan was to migrate to inkdrop over the weekend and then subscribe, but the week has started again and I’ve had to cancel for the time being! Apologies for not being able to solve this!

(Takuya Matsuyama) #30

Hi. I’ll check the configuration of Discourse.

Seems like the app is stuck to send data for some reason. The server does not process any data from your client.
So I guess the bug resides in the client app.

I’m not sure what’s going wrong. I have to look into your data to reproduce the problem in my environment.

Sure, I completely understand. Thank you for your all cooperations!
Could you stop the app for now? Thanks!


Hmm, now I am too curious. Thinking of the content that is there, and your stance and respect for privacy - what if I were to zip the .config directory and share with you privately? Given how much if your time I’ve taken I would like to help resolve the actual issue.

It sounds like the only practical way to get to the root cause of this.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #32

It’s totally ok if you don’t feel like sending your private data to me.
I will use it only for debugging.

If you set up your own CouchDB, you can reproduce it on your server. (See here).
If it’s the Inkdrop server-side issue, you should be able to sync without the problem.


No, let’s do it! I will zip the data and send you a link on your email address if that is ok?

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Yes, please!


Ok, sent.

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I hope I didn’t break anything too badly :sweat_smile:

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Ah, it was due to the batch size (Request too big error). I changed it as well and the sync finished with my dev server. Strange.
Needs more time to investigate.


That’s odd - when I changed it the first time it didn’t seem to resolve, although it may be different now after edits and re-imports of the notes, or I didn’t give it enough time to finish syncing?

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Not sure. I will try it also on production tomorrow.