Allow to pause synchronization


I use the sync with my own CouchDB server that is not reachable through the internet. If the server is not reachable, InkDrop will constantly try to connect to the server of course without any success. Is it possible to add a “pause synchronization” feature/button to InkDrop to avoid unnecessary traffic throughout the network?

Hi Henry,

Thank you for the suggestion.
If sync keeps failing, retries will be delayed based on exponential backoff algorithm, which means that the frequency of network access will gradually be decreased.
Besides, it consumes only few network traffic for connection attempts to your CouchDB server.
So I guess you don’t need to worry about that.

@craftzdog Can we change the sync settings to “Don’t Sync” and back programatically? And does it have side effects?

Also I noticed the the sync address is stored in the config.cson along with the password in clear text. It would be nice if it was treated like a password field and stored in the OS keyring like other internal tokens.

Hi @anon29127703,

Yes, you can change config programatically. See also this topic:

Yeah, storing credentials for custom database to KeyChain would be great.

I want to write API documentations more in detail… it’s hard to find time for it now, haha.