AI integration

Hi, wondering what the plans are for AI integration?

Currently no plans – but I’ve been personally learning these generative/large language models.
Inkdrop is currently in the refactoring phase, where the core modules are being simplified and the obsolete modules are being replaced.
Maybe we will discuss it when planning the next roadmap (maybe next year).

Privacy will be a big issue when integrating with OpenAI APIs.
Inkdrop needs to perform LLM-related processes locally to preserve end-to-end encryption though it requires a lot of machine resources and tends to be slow atm.

They are evolving so fast. As you may know, Apple announced that their OSes will have built-in AI features.
The announcement may have been so disruptive for other AI-focused apps like email clients that have been appealing their AI features.
But I think these features will be popular and built-in across platforms at this rate.

For now, let me refactor the desktop and mobile apps. It might sound slow and conservative, but I really want to make and keep them simple and maintainable.


@craftzdog Thanks for this. :slightly_smiling_face: This is very informative for me.