Adding a hyperlink to a note

the only thing Inkdrop is missing for me is a dedicated field to add a hyperlink to a note like CintaNotes has, would it be possible to add this feature with a plugin? I didn’t find anything useful inside the documentation. A little mockup at the bottom New field near the “Add Tags”.
I know that you can add a link inside the note with Markdown, but this isn’t what I am looking for.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the question.
I’m afraid that you can’t add a dedicated hyperlink for a note even via a plugin.
However, I’m planning to support YAML frontmatter as I mentioned in the roadmap vol.4 here.
So, you will be able to add custom fields like URL in frontmatter.

If you find a way to expose the title and URL of notes (and an API for making notes, via x-callback-url, AppleScript or JavaScript) on macOS, we’ll gladly add support to Hook productivity app for Mac, so that your users can link their notes to each other and to almost anything. (Hook will be on iOS, so if the URLs are stable, that will work there too).

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