Add flags for the Inkdrop CLI


  • Inkdrop works great as is and I’d like to improve upon it. I usually init the client via the terminal and I would like to see some improvements there
  • probably this is not a super important feature, but i’d like to see how many use cases we have for this idea.
  • some improvements might include:
    • adding a --debug flag
    • adding a --silent flag etc.

Hi Athul,

Thank you for the suggestions.
Adding flags sound nice to have, but I don’t know why you need them.
Can you please tell me your use-case for each flag?

  • adding a --silent flag

You can do that with the following redirections:

inkdrop > /dev/null 2>&1

I was just looking for a non verbose runtime for inkdrop and found out that the app does not have any command line arguments. This is definitely not a requirement for the software ofc. Your suggestion seems to work nicely. Thanks!