Add a confirmation prompt when deleting notes

It’s too easy to delete notes! :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

Sorry for the delay.
Personally cmd-delete is not too easy to move notes to trash.
If you are talking about the context menu, it’s not to delete notes.
You can restore them from the trash. It is a non-destructive operation just like moving it to other notebook.

I wasn’t even aware there was a Trash - how do you access it?

The trash can icon (beside the share icon, top right when viewing a note) only takes one click with no confirmation.

Hm, it seems like the trash button and the context menu should be labeled “Move to Trash” instead of “Delete Note”.
You can access notes in trash from the bottom of notebooks on the side bar.

LOL, I leave that sidebar hidden as it takes up too much horizontal space for the functions it performs - no wonder I didn’t see it! :slight_smile: Thanks.

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From v3.20.1 the trash button’s hint is ‘Move to Trash’ instead of ‘Delete Note’.