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How to reproduce

Windows 11
ID 5.5.2

When I add an active status to a note it vanishes immediately.

Hi John,

Thanks for the report.
I can’t reproduce it.
Does it happen on every note?
Can you attach a video that you reproduce it?

I have a video. How do i attach it?

Active status comes and goes

Thanks for the video! That’s interesting, but it doesn’t happen in my environment.
Again, does it happen on every note? Or only on a particular note?
Is there any error on the Developer Console?
Have you installed any third-party plugins? They could cause the issue.

Everynote. But not on android.

I do have a lot of plugins as i was teating. Ill remove them.

Now the other status remain. But sometimes they dont.

I don’t know what is causing the issue at the moment since I can’t reproduce it.
Please try restarting the app or the system after disabling the installed plugins.
Also, please let me know if you could see any errors in the Developer Console.

It looks like it was the plugin that automagically sets the status if there are tasks in it.

So if there are tasks in it the active stays open.

if the plug is removed then I can successfully set active,

Good to hear that. What was the plugin that caused the issue?