Ability to change Notes list view style like Evernote

I am very happy to find a markdown based note taking app. As a long time evernote user who is still trying out inkdrop, one suggestion I have is the following:

  • Offer various notes list view styles.

The reason is, I have a large number of notes in one notebook. In evernote, I can list view them in a one line container the subject and created by per row. This makes it easy for me to scroll through the notes.


Hi Mohammad,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah, it’d be nice to have.
I’d like to consider it after finishing the current roadmap!
Because it’d be great if it’s able to customize with plugins, and I have to design carefully for it.

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Inkdrop currently requires a fair bit of horizontal space for its UI to be useable. This is mainly due to its horizontal 3-column layout (Sidebar | Notes list | Note editor). I believe this makes the app less flexible than it could be, especially when you consider that a note editor often plays a supporting role to other apps which will often lead to it having to share screen space (this becomes more pronounced with smaller screens).

Evernote solves this elegantly by providing a more vertical layout option (“Top list view”) where the note editor is positioned below the notes list. I prefer this layout because:

  • The app remains very useable at a smaller window width (I generally leave my note taking app at 50% of my screen width).
  • The notes list is granted more width which makes it more feasible to display information in a table layout e.g. Date note created, Note title, Note tags, Date note updated etc. A table layout then opens up more intuitive options for sorting (i.e. via the table headers).

Also worth noting is that Evernote then takes this a step further by collapsing the sidebar to icons-only when the window width shrinks beyond a set width. Yes, this makes the sidebar less useable but it’s a price worth paying for the rest of the app UI to be still very useable at such a small width.

I should add that I’m on macOS and am presuming that Inkdrop/Evernote functionality is similar on other OSs.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Vertical layout option would be nice to have but I guess it’s a personal preference.
You can hide the sidebar and the note list from ‘View’ menu.
I don’t prefer the vertical layout even when I’m on a laptop.

Flexible & highly customizable UI would be great but it makes the app very complex.
So I’m afraid that it will not be planned.

That’s a real shame. Hopefully with more users you’ll reconsider. Thanks for your reply.

I really want this feature too.

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I want to make it easier to find by increasing the display amount per screen because there are many notes

< 2 >
In addition to the above, I want the date of the last update date to be a fixed date rather than relative.
If the update is too old, the fixed date (yyyy / dd / mm) is easier to understand than “X days ago”.

Hi Beppu-san,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand you like the list view style as Evernote supports.
As I answered above, it should be a plugin.
Please wait until the current roadmap gets finished. And I will consider adding the ability to extend the list view.

simple-note-list plugin is out! It makes note list view thinner & simpler like so:

If you want to customize it further, you can fork the plugin to make as you like.