2 problems in source code syntax highlight


  1. Source codes syntax highlight stops working for long file (not too long actually). I can split my script to many parts, but it’s a bit troublesome.
  2. Bash codes cannot handle multiple-line string properly.
cat <<EOT > post-receive
while read oldrev newrev ref
    if [[ \$ref =~ .*/master$ ]] ; then
        echo "Master ref received.  Deploying master branch to production..."
        git --work-tree=$USER_ROOT/$1/$2 --git-dir=$GIT_ROOT/$1/$2.git checkout -f
        git --work-tree=$USER_ROOT/$1/$2 --git-dir=$GIT_ROOT/$1/$2.git clean -d -f
        chown -R $1 $USER_ROOT/$1/$2
        echo "Ref \$ref successfully received.  Doing nothing: only the master branch can be deployed on this server."
chmod +x post-receive

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the report.

  1. Does it happen when the preview is hidden? Maybe the syntax highlighting should be disabled for the huge code blocks in preview.
  2. Unfortunately, CodeMirror doesn’t support it: CodeMirror: Shell mode