Windows App - Freezes and needs restart

Bug report

Issue with the state of the app when switching between editor and preview


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: (3.20.2)


If I write in a note and switch between Editor to Preview the screen freezes and even if I try to switch to another note or back to the editor, both the editor and the preview screen keep showing the previous note. If I close the app and restart it, then everything work again. For what ever reason refreshing the state seems to create some issues.

It would be nice to have a refresh button somewhere.

Hi Dragos,

Thank you for the report.
That’s weird. I guess something went wrong but it’s hard to reproduce at the moment. If you found any further information to reproduce, please let me know. Sometimes the app could hangup for external reasons.

You can reload the app from menu: Developer -> Reload.

Hi there,

The same seems to be happening with the iOS app also. If the app runs in the background for some time (1-2 hours) and then you come back to it, then something strange happens. It shows in the preview panel my old note (the one I had open 2 hours ago) but the app tries to go to All Notes default tab and also synconizing the all at the same time. It thing the app needs a timeout between first load/render and first sync.


It is an intended behavior because the mobile app doesn’t sync in background thread.
I guess it is nothing to do with the hungup issue.

However, I’m aware of several problems on syncing a note that is being edited across multiple devices. I’ll work on them.

Thank you for reporting!

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