Unable to open in macOS

Bug report

After downloading and extracting, I cannot open the app in macOS Catalina. A message appears stating that Apple can’t scan for malicious software.

“Inkdrop” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Catalina 10.15 (19A602)
  • App Version: (4.3.4)


Download and extract the app. Optionally copy to Applications folder. Attempt to open the app.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the report.
Yep, I am aware of that.
From Catalina, macOS has changed how Gatekeeper works.
Each app now has to get notarized in addition to signing it:


I’ll work on it.


I built an app with notarization.
Could you check if it works properly?
I would like to know if it:

  • launches normally
  • can import notes
  • can export notes
  • can print notes
  • loads plugins
  • ipm command works

I appreciate your help!


Hmm, I’m getting this error dialog saying " “Inkdrop.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

Maybe it should work:



I wanted to try the app, and I got the same issue, I just tested the 4.4.0-beta.3-Mac release and it successfully launch the app on macos Catalina !

Thanks !

Thanks, I am able to install and use that one.
I gave it a quick runthrough and confirmed I can:

  • Launch and use normally
  • Export to md
  • Import from md
  • load plugins (standard + mermaid)
  • ipm-beta install works normally

I don’t have a printer, so I was unable to test that, but the print dialogue did appear.
I did have a crash when attempting to delete a notebook. I submitted the report to apple, but I was also able to delete the notebook successfully after restarting the app.


Hi @Arnaud_Lemaire and @anon69778910,

Thank you for checking it!
I’ll roll it out next week.

v4.4.0 has been rolled out. Thanks agian!