Slow note loading

When I select some notes, loading and displaying this note is too slow (loading time can be up to 3-4 seconds).

Hi Pavel,

Thank you for the report.
Please provide me following information to investigate the issue:

  • Platform: (macOS/Windows/Ubuntu/iOS/Android)
  • Platform version: (Sierra/10/16.04)
  • App Version
  • How to reproduce the problem

Platform: Fedora 27 / Linux kernel 4.14.18-300.fc27.x86_64

App Version: 3.18.0

How to reproduce:
I just select a note and it displayed in 1-4 seconds. :slight_smile:

How can i provide any debug info?

Thank you for the information. That’s weird.
I have some questions:

  1. Does it occur only on a particular note? If so, is it something like very large note?
  2. When did it start to occur?
  3. Is there any error output to Console on Developer Tools where you can show it via Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools?
  1. it occur with large notes and notes with images;
  2. when trying to create large documents with pictures
  3. Nope)


I’m afraid that the app is not made for storing very long text such as server logs.
Please upload them to somewhere else and link from the note.

I just store my lecture notes (~100-300 lines + links to pics in some notes)

Ah that’s not so large.
I have many notes with similar size but no problem.
I need more information to reproduce it.
If you don’t mind, please send me your note causing the problem via DM.