Plugin not displayed while sharing public note



With latest version, Math Plugin is correctly displayed while exporting note into pdf or html (great feature by the way). However it is not rendered when sharing note via public link.

Did I miss something or is it normal at the moment ?

Thank you


  • Platform: Ubuntu
  • Platform version: 16.04
  • App Version: 3.15.0
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Hi, thanks for the question.

This is by design.
Plugins work only on your environment but won’t work on the shared page.
Because a shared note is actually a Markdown and the web app renders it as HTML when you opened it.
There’re no plugins working during its process.

I came up with an idea for this issue.
Public notes could include pre-rendered HTML in their envelope, so plugins are not necessary for rendering equations and so on on the webpage.
But I need to consider security for it.

Thank you for your answer,

Indeed I guess it is a bit different from the basic philosophy but it would be a nice feature !

This would be a very nice addition indeed.

Let’s consider supporting very basic plugins like math as it’s the most downloaded one and also important for many people.

Math has been supported!

I’d like to mark it as resolved.